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We’re having fun

July 22, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Personal

Right now we are having a good fun with my family, my hubby bought a durian fruit for more than four kilos and we are just three eating for it. It seems it was our penalty for we need to eat so much. Later my hubby and my daughter surrendered because it was really many for the three of us.

Like him

July 16, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: musical instruments and gadgets
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I considered my brother as a talented person, not just because he is a musician and can play a lot of instruments but also of his knowledge about the combination and the use of different kinds of gadget in music, he is best in digital recordings, he even have an irig for his guitars and he can sing well. Such talent considered as a gift from God and seldom in this world to find like him. I’m so proud of you bro.

The value of life

July 9, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Christianity

Two weeks ago I visited the Gabayan family and there I saw an old woman who suffered for sickness but I thought she’s okay so we offered prayer and ask God for healing and work over their lives but a day after she died, three days ago the same family I went back and again the son was sick and prayed again but in that evening he died. I reflected of what had happened and realized the value of life. The bible said what a profit for a man even he gains the whole world but lost his soul. We do not know our tomorrow, even how strong our body right now but tomorrow we still don’t know. Right now if you never receive Jesus as your personal savior and decided to be His only savior and lord in our lives then you should be. Paul said if we will confess through thy mouth that Jesus died at the cross buried and resurrected for our sin then we will be saved.

Glorifying God through music

June 27, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: music
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I played flutophone for almost five years, you know, the music it brings, the calmness of whistle that corresponds the moves of the air with a graceful singer… Oh I like it, that is how I love it. Sometimes during our corporate worship I played and it brought us to a feeling that we’re like in heaven singing songs and glorifying our God almighty. Hopefully my daughter will soon love my music.


Love your work!

June 20, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Uncategorized

Every time I feel pressure with regards to my work assignment the words of my supervisor always pop in my memory that the position you are having right now has equivalent load which is the same with the salary you are receiving. I was assigned as a Station in charge and it is not easy because I take all the responsibility of the entire problem in my station. We encounter lots of problem since we are the last station who will check the papers before submission and we see lots of discrepancies and other lacking documents needed. But I should say that I love my job and I believed in the saying that says if you love your job everything will go smoothly and light. Yes its true, even though I feel pressure for some time, still I am doing my job heartily. Loving your job is the key to kick the stresses away!

The best

May 18, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: music
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I was looking for the best jazz guitarist around the world and I found Brian Baggett name as one of them. The reason behind was to determine the style and how the guitar is played. This is very important because as I continue practicing guitar, the style I used should be pattern by which we considered our model in music, not just merely copying but admiration.

Plain IUD removal

April 24, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Health, Personal
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Today is the first day of my three days off from work, this means I have ample time to rest especially my eyes in front of a computer the whole day. I will just be staying at home for 3days since hubby and our daughter are not with me now for they attended a conference somewhere in Zambo City.

This morning I decided to see a doctor or should I say I need to see an Ob-Gyne doctor about my intrauterine device or IUD. We decided to have it removed and we think now is the right time to expect again since my daughter will be turning five already. She always pressured me to have a baby! I went too early to the clinic for me to be the first in the line and yes I was the first who came. And waahhh the clinic was still closed. I seated alone to wait for the secretary to arrived and open the clinic, she came after 30min of waiting, so I jotted down my name in the waiting list. After a minute another pregnant women came and  many other were coming for check ups and prenatal check-up.

Unfortunately the doctor came @ 11 am, too long for me because I waited for 2 hours. But it was fine though because I was the one entertained first. So the doctor now inspected me, she was using speculum and ovum forceps to have the IUD removed, I just felt a little bit pain, its like menstrual pain and yes my IUD was finally removed. According to the doctor the IUD was already displaced, it was inserted 5years ago! She prescribed me medicine and after 2 minutes procedure the secretary now telling me about the charges, oh my I can’t believed I paid 1,000php, without uttering any words I left the clinic and went home straight after.

I cant stop my mind thinking about the amount I paid for just a 2 minute procedure. Suddenly I remembered it just happened that I spotted their list of charges and I saw there,, 750 for just a pain removal and 1,000 for the ultrasound guided removal. I am pretty sure that it was only a plain removal, so I decided to come to the clinic to clarify about the charges and when I talked to the secretary, she retrieved my record and I said I saw the list and I remember the charges for plain removal is only 750, and she said oh it was a plain removal, good thing that you saw the price list. Haha! What if I don’t see it, it means she’ll charge me overpricing? Honestly, I got disappointed but very thankful coz I got my 250 back. Now I can sleep well without thinking about it anymore. Lesson learned for me to keep reading and observe what’s in my surrounding!

The mega fight

April 16, 2015 Author: bluegreen butterfly | Filed under: Personal, sports
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I can’t wait to see the fight of Manny Paquiao and Floyd Mayweather soon because this is the best fight of the bests fight that people around the world is waiting for. Many still doubt with Manny’s capability of knocking down Floyd and even just by winning through unanimous decision. In my opinion, I truly give the favor for Manny because of his advantage toward Floyd, Manny’s speed, power and intelligence put him an edge over Floyd defensive strategy. Honestly, this fight is not so interesting than any other fight they have before because Floyd will surely keep on defending himself and running away from Manny.


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