After I set up my wordpress account on my web host of course I would have to upload wp files in the directory. Everything was new to me but it turned out bit easy for now. I uploaded files one by one and after doing it for few minutes, I got a bit impatient to do it manually, surely there is something that makes it automatic, at least. Less errors, time and effort. Then I found that an easier way to upload files to your webhost is to use an FTP client thing, finally met it face to face after hearing about it. FileZilla, is an open-source FTP-client and FTP-server developed for the Windows operating system by Tim Kosse (Germany) et al. It comes in both a Javascript and non-Javascript version. FileZilla may be used to manage your WordPress site by uploading and downloading files and images  to manage your WordPress powered blog hosted on the server;  is a free client that’s supposed to be really easy to use, the one I am utilizing now. It was so much easier and faster to transfer batch files. FTP clients really make uploading easier than working manually with the web based upload.