Key iPhone rivals

Nokia N95
Sony Ericsson W960
HTC Touch
Palm Centro
Blackberry Pearl
Samsung Blackjack
T-Mobile Sidekick Slide

Nokia’s answer to the iPhone

N810The world is getting smaller, the competition is getting stiffer. Nokia’s answer to the iPhone: N810. Nokia’s latest handheld Internet access device browses the Web, runs Flash and has GPS. It’ll sell for $479 when it comes out in November. The downside: it has no cellular modem built in, so you have to use Wi-Fi or reach the Net via a Bluetooth link to your phone, that is, the N810 is a pure Internet-only device, relying only on Wi-Fi and cellular Bluetooth to get online.

$100 laptop’ production

$100 laptop’ production begins
Five years after the concept was first proposed, the so-called $100 laptop is poised to go into mass production with the government of Uruguay being the first country to take concrete actions to provide laptops to all its children and teachers ordering some 100,000 of the machines for schoolchildren aged six to 12, and a 300,000 may be purchased to provide a machine for every child in the country by 2009.

$100 Laptop’s chief software engineer Chris Blizzard on how the innovative memory and screen save energy.