Hubby’s driver picked me up at the apartment to meet them in one of the hotels to have lunch with Indian businessmen. For the first time, I liked most of what they served though there were some Indian food I put on my plate. Wine always do good when dining, and we all went out full and satisfied, it made me so sleepy, :-(. In the evening, we went out again with another rendezvous with different businessmen, big ones, who are hubby’s friend. Well, each of us has characteristics that others find annoying, but I still see the good in them, though only there’s one attitude I kind of don’t like, but he turned out to funny. Only we should be watchful especially if it is your treat, lol. I really love margarita, but the one I sipped last night has something different in it that the poor girl got dizzy and felt like her head remained in one spot when she turned her head. I can’t blame it, but this morning I woke up with all body pains I don’t know where I got them from. Getting well now. just glad it was controllable, to the extent.