getting marriedI kept looking at my watch while in the plane. (Singapore and Philippines are in the same time zone, ie, they have the same time, no time difference). No use huh to keep looking, I couldn’t make the plane fly faster than 940 km/hr? But I was estimating the time for me to move to make it to the next flight.

The plane lands in Singapore Changi airport at 7:40 pm, plus still some minutes to enter the main building. I was one of the first ones to go out and I hurried out but just in the gate I saw my name in the placard being called for by the ground staffs. “Excuse me, that’s me.” To my utmost relief, a buggy car was waiting for me and someone was taking me to the farthest gate boarding Mumbai passengers. I was very glad. I was very thankful of the Silkair flight of their taking care of my travel adjustments. With the buggy car ride, I saved an overnight’s worth of time. We reached gate 60 just when they were starting to board passengers. And my baggage? I just had one and in Davao they were placing it in the best place also so they could pull it out easily in Singapore. The buggy car driver was helpful enough and he called other ground agents to see to it my baggage can make it in the plane. He told her in the other line that I was going to India to get married so my bag must make it. Unique huh? Well, I was going to Mumbai to be with the man I married, almost the same reason, but not quiet, but I just listened. He was just making initiative to help me. I was so glad. But it was not sure if my bag indeed made it so I will just report it if I don’t see in in Mumbai airport. “See you in India, bag,” trip there.

I called hubby telling him I made it, and he was so glad. Imagine if I could not make it? We have been away, well, just for six weeks only, hhmm. Just few minutes after I was inside the air craft it was taking off and in four and a half hours, I will be in India. Thank God.