On the southern extremity of the fort is the gate opened for general public. Our tour guide told us that big portion of the fort is closed to public by the government and military. The Amar Singh gate was built by Shah Jahan after the name of the great Rajput hero, Amar Singh, who slew the emperial treasurer Salabat Khan after insulting him in the full court of shah Jahan in 1644 A.D. that turned the mughal army into him. Riding on his horseback, Amar Singh jumped of the high walls of the fort near the spot where the gate is now. His sincere horse was half in the ditch and half on the road dead on the spot. In memory of this marvellous incident a horse in red sandstone, the material majority of the fort is built into, was built.

Amar Singh’ Gate

After crossing the Amar Singh gate our attention was drawn into the beautiful building called Jahangiri Palace or Mahal. It is a double storied building of red sand stone which is believed to be built by Akbar the great for his son. Its walls and ceilings were painted with bright colors including golden paint in Rajput style. This palace is famous for its blend of Hindu and central Asian architectural style.

Jahangir’s palace