I was so glad I made it to my flight, I did not miss it. So I leaned on the seat and relax for a while from the excitement of the minutes before. Oh God, I was sitting next to a man who has a very powerful underarm that can create headaches! A very bad underarm odor, and in few minutes, I found out it was just not the problem, he has a bad breath, bad breath in the sense that every breath he took, grrrr. Well, I was not judging but I couldn’t help to be disturbed so. Have you sat next to one with strong body odor? I easily get headaches and that time I would have migraine. In the entire flight I kept leaning sideways to avoid the breath and the “bomb” under the arm, anyway, I wanted to rest so I just tried to keep my face away and tried to sleep as much as possible. So learn how to treat bad body odor.