We finally arrived in Agra, the once a big capital of the country in Mughal times. Agra is home to the Taj Mahal, the 7th wonder of the world, and other very interesting culture and architecture of the old times, the last centuries that are somehow shadowed by the popularity of the Taj Mahal. That is why we came into Agra for. The hotel transport picked us up at the airport, we were the only passenger of the plane, so we were the only travelers in the airport in that evening. The city of Agra is under a military security, and besides, Agra is a military airport also, and later did we know about military fort, I will show later. Before entering Agra community we had to pass through a security gate. It is just a different place. Hubby said that we might see the true face of India here which is right, that i have fun and enjoyment, capturing beautiful photos, though I have to watch that it is allowed in a certain area.

india street photos

street photos

The Mughal Agra is a a very nice hotel, only that we have to change room because of the AC, but besides that, everything was beautiful, the grounds are very neat and refreshing with all the water arts and plants. The people are very nice too and hospitable. One guard must have been enjoying greeting us every time we pass by, and he could also be our photographer but he should also be in one of the photos. But I really liked it. I had been wanting to take pictures of their attires and shoes, i think it’s beautiful.