Imagining the geolocation of the place, it is bearing north so as hubby’s Indian friend warned, it is so chilly cold in there. Very very cold, and we were fortunate that during our flights, it was not so foggy or we would have been stranded or further delayed. Upon arriving in the hotel Thursday, hubby arranged for the tour for two days and then we found out that the Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays! We still had Saturday so for Friday we will just see some other important and interesting places around the old place. While waiting for the tour guide and transport, we roamed around the hotel grounds in that chilly cold morning I had to wear several layers of clothing.
The Mughal Express

The Mughal Express train, as we had not tour guide that time, I assumed it a remain of the express train they had, the main mode of transportation in the Mughal era which was capitalized in Agra. It is run by conventional methods.