Just 35 questions to answer from Francine. I thought it was so long, but don’t notice it when answering, enjoying it.

1. Have u found the one you wanna spend your whole life with.?
– YES, note the capitals, 😀

2. Are u happy with ur life now?
– Yes! Even though there are so many trials in the way. Still, happy with my life.

3. Do you think there’s still a chance for past lovers to get back together?
– Yes, there is always a chance, if both parties are interested to continue the long-buried past.

4 . How did u spend ur Christmas last year?
– I spent it in India with hubby. Enjoyed it so.

5. Do you go for Simbang Gabi?
– Nay, but when at home, we would have a watch night.

6. Who was your Valentine’s date?
– Hubby will always be

7. What are you looking forward to next week??
– Family thanksgiving, and my departure from the Philippine, both excited and not.

8. What song are you listening to right now?
– My relatives singing outside our house, they have just finished their choir practice.

9. Closest Sibling?
-We are all close, closer today, with my siblings.

10. Last person who texted you?
– Hubby

11. Last person u texted?
– My sister, but she did not received it. 🙁

12. When was the last time you smiled?
– At this moment 🙂

13. Why?
– Just love to hehe

14. Ever loved someone so much that it hurts?
– Well, yeah. but feels good most of the time.

15. What do you hate most about school?
– Teachers who don’t know much about what they are teaching, hehe

16. Mcdo or Jollibee?
– Jollibee

17. Name one insect you hate most.
– Any hairy creepy creature, that’s the one

18. Still close to any of ur ex(s)?
– No.

19. Would you kiss the last person who kissed you?
– If it’s hubby, yess

20.If u were in the mall, where would you probably go?
– Women’s department

21. Do you think there’s such thing as Fate?
– Well, predestination, yes.

22. You spend most of your Friday Nights with?
– Hubby

23. What were you doing an hour ago?
– Editing photos

24. If you could have a special power what would it be?
– Omnipresence, 😀 so I could go back and forth RP and US and around the world, nah.

25. Do you know ur bestfriend’s crush(es)?
– No, bestfriend or crushes

26. Do you agree that usually the second children are the troublemakers?
– So they say, and I observed, but it is not necessarily true.

28. Do you like guy/girls with dimples?
– As long as it is not so deep, so it wont look like a witch’s face, hehe sorry.

29. Honestly, do u think you’re tall?
– I was looking at my recent photos, can’t help to say, “gosh, I’m so short!” hhehe 😀

30. Who’s your cutest/most handsome classmates ever?
– In my standards, not that cute and handsome, but still can’t remember them.

31. Any hidden talents?
– My sister got all of the talents, 😀

32. Who’s making you mad?
– People who think of what you can give them, instead of what they can do to make you like to give.

33. Why?
– Maybe it is just not my personality, have not done that before.

34. Do you like her/him?
– who?

35. Last one, cigarettes or drugs?
– None of the above, good girl yata to, hehe