Shanghai shares had risen 97 percent last year, and we had seen them emerged into economic power, so it is just not surprising that the four of the most Googled words in China in 2007 pertains to money and technology. In most countries “sex” ranks first in the most Googled word, but in China it is far down below the honors, for it is beaten by a parade of financial and technological giants:

  • “QQ”, a Chinese instant message service and a brand of car, ranked first;
  • China Merchants Bank, second;
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the third;
  • and the word “stock” make it to the fourth of the most searched item.

But it is interesting though that while “qiu zhi,” or “seeking knowledge,” “what is a blue chip” and “how to invest in the stock market” were the most searched inquiry on Google in China, the most search questions on the global list are “what is love” and “how to kiss”.