Yahoo! hotjobs’s article I read today is interesting: 4 Things You Should Never Say to the CEO. As some executives appreciate opinions and whatever honest things you can say, some are very serious and a “terror” to his subordinates that a single mistake or wrong remark might cost an employee his job. If your boss is like that, these are some things to remember never to say to the perfectionist CEO: “I’ll have to get back to you on that.”, for it just means you were not prepared and researching or studying well your assignment and presentation. And bossy doesn’t like that. And never make fun of a corporate program if you want to last in the serious company, to some it is a grave insult. You get it? No funny things because everything had to be dealt with seriously in the job, as they said, “Skip the jokes, especially at the beginning of a presentation.”; Just show your seriousness at work and never say “That can’t be done.”, something is impossible, for no bossy would not tolerate that, and other weak and negative forces around him.

All these so you would know who is the boss here!
who is the boss here?