PhotoHunt 99: Party photohunt

This party took place in one of Amsterdam’s famous bars and coffee shops, with some old friends and hubby’s workmates from around the world during the worldwide meeting.

It shall be noted that in the Netherlands, the use of soft drugs – cannabis in all its forms (marijuana, hashish, hash oil) has been admitted for the personal use only; it is legal! And openly sold and smoked in Amsterdam’s coffee shops which can legally store up to 500 g of marijuana and can sell up to 5 grams to adults over 18. (We didn’t smoke, ok!) These coffee shops offer several kinds of weed and hash, and usually there is a “menu” to choose from. The prices vary according to the quality (about 5 EUR per gram). Amsterdam has also a major smoking event called High Times Cannabis Cup on November. But there are also so many interesting places and tourist spots in Amsterdam as well.