Mumbai hotels

This was the hotel we stayed in Mumbai in 2006. Situated on Juhu beach, this was taken one afternoon along the shore where thousands of Indian passed their time. A silhouette of the hotel gave obscure view of the building painting.

Juhu beach, an indispensable part of the city of Mumbai, is one of the largest and frequently visited beaches in India on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Not exactly an ideal place for a quiet swim and a sunbath, the beach has a charm of its own, attracting legions of Mumbaikars every day.

juhu beach view from the hotel

How to get there:
Juhu is 20-25km north of the city centre; by air, it is not far from Mumbai airport, and which is also well connected by rail and roads, 15 Kms From Dadar Bus Stand.

For accomodations along the Juhu Beach, check here.