Warning?! Seems like there’s a rough road ahead for windows vista users.

windows vista updateMicrosoft needs a Vista success. As Service Packs are among the biggest updates Microsoft issues for its various operating systems, the software giant will be releasing the SP1 update for Windows Vista, for success in mid-March, although business customers are availing it in February. The software firm said SP1 makes Vista more secure and reliable and introduces some new features. But this needed success will be a concern for vista users.

Microsoft is warning Windows Vista users that a forthcoming service pack for the operating system may stop some twelve (12) third-party programs working.

And it happens that the list of programs that may be broken by the SP1 update for Vista are security programs that prevent Windows users falling prey to viruses, Trojans and booby-trapped WebPages six of which block viruses or keep an eye on the places someone visits online. PROGRAMS HIT BY SP1 which some will be blocked by the update, some will not run and others will lose some of their functions are:

  • BitDefender AV
  • Fujitsu Shock Sensor
  • Jiangmin KV Antivirus 10
  • Jiangmin KV Antivirus 2008
  • Trend Micro Internet Security
  • Zone Alarm Security Suite
  • Iron Speed Designer
  • Xheo Licensing
  • Free Allegiance
  • NYT Reader
  • Rising Personal Firewall
  • Novell ZCM Agent

Microsoft warned that its list was not “comprehensive” and asked people to get in touch with the maker of any affected software to fix problems, BBC said. So my security program is not gonna work? That’s a headache.