Touch Typing: is the fastest way to type in which the typist does not use the sense of sight, or does not look at the keyboard, but rather use the finger muscle memory.

In the present technology, with its endless possibilities, do you think we still need the keyboard for some years? Who knows what once-unthinkable things science brings. While that does not yet happen, “it is worth the time you invest in learning this essential skill” of speed typing to easily achieve an ideal writing speed of 70 words per minute.

Some of the suggested ways of improving typing speeds in touch typing are:

– Ensuring a correct posture
– Exerting only the correct amount of force required ie. not to bang on the keys
– Taking frequent breaks to relax and improve accuracy
– Using an optimized keyboard layout such as Dvorak or Colemak.

I am 25 words off the ideal. My fingers are not as dextrous 🙁 when it comes to typing as Francine. Passing this to Debbie.

45 words