six-wheeled soldier, MULEYou call a vehicle a “soldier”? That is how we will fight wars on the future, at least as explained in the new technology of war, answering the question with battle footages, animation, live-action weapons testing and interviews with experts to examine everything from robot warriors to unmanned aerial vehicles. That is the trend. If we can deploy robots to wash our windows, or clean the floor, why not as a soldier? In fact, it has been tried already, those electronic objects deploying or searching for bombs. Right, we are talking about robots in warfare. Did you say we are in the age of the machines? Now this 6-wheeled soldier called MULE, multifunctional utility/ logistics and equipment, is not just unmanned while remotely controlled and armed with antitank or missiles, but it actually climbs over other vehicles to attack enemies. Could be deployed by the army by 2013.