The weather is good, the line is clear, you have cleared your cache and other temp files, you made sure it was not a virus slowing you your pc down, but your internet connection is crawling. Why is it so slow? Your service provider may be implementing FAP or Fair Access Policy in order to guarantee a fair share of available bandwidth to all users in every twenty-four hours cycle, and it is currently in effect. You might have downloaded files in the last 24 hours, eh? If there is a high amount of data download by computers connecting via your ISP terminal, the predefined bandwidth limit might have been exceeded so you may notice some degradation in the peak download speeds and in some cases, this may also affect your browsing times. Like with our service provider, there are few hours when you can download unlimited bandwidth, but outside of that period of the day, everything has some megabyte limit. It is helpful to know the details on the policy that may be obtained from your service provider, because you will have to wait for 24 hours before the connection speeds up again once you hit the mark.