Paypal security seal I had received some emails these last few weeks about PayPal account. I knew someone who got real PayPal email about account security and these emails I got almost contain the same message, though some in different language. Of course they are fraudulent! For one, I don’t have PayPal account with my email address they were sending it to. There is no contest in that. And if you have, they will eventually get your PayPal username and password or financial information and take over your account, which never you should share. Never ever click any links or attachments in a suspicious email. Their website scam as they are can be tricky and might confuse you at first with If PayPal requests your information, you can do so after you securely login to their site, https://www.. Take note of the “s” for secure site.

Some Security Tips and Fraud Prevention from PayPal.
Some examples here.