Hello friends it has been a while. I am back and thanks for the messages and for visiting. Our last trip was towards Houston, Texas. From central Louisiana we left at one o’clock in the morning in order to beat the late morning and afternoon traffic in and out of Houston. We were picking up some construction materials from a certain company. It is better kasi to pick them up there than to be shipped to our house for in the long run, we could save good amount, and besides, we love to travel. On our way hubby pulled his unused acytelene tank on the trailer for his brother so we stopped at DeQuincy before daylight. We arrived to the company compounds in Houston just as we planned. And with the time we have, we could make it back without delay. These were what we traveled for, there were 8 of them rolling doors.
rolling doors

But our patience was tested in the heat on our way back. A hundred miles ahead one lane was closed so we were stuck in traffic for three good sun hours. It was so hot and the traffic congestion was endless. We just loosen up and observed the people, truck drivers going out of their vehicles for impatience and curiosity.

Houston traffic

Three hours was so long a time to be stuck in a very long traffic. But we were glad we reached home without any difficulty with the things we pulled by the truck.

vehicles in traffic