Most of us workaholic. We work so hard to meet the necessity and demands of our daily lives. Sometimes we forgot to enjoy and have time to relax, play and dance. It is one of the cause why people will become boring and lost the energy and joy of working because they get easily worn out. Vacation are given to all the employees in order to be refreshed and renewed. I am guilty of that. I usually take my vacation when there is a special occasion or something but it was not a good idea. I should have vacation with no appointments and everything just enjoy the moment and play. We should try to maintain the balance between our work, family, friends and leisure. When we are just working and working, we will have untimely signs of aging and no one like that.
Our skin starts to age when its cells die off faster than the body can replace them. Sickness, anxiety, stress and depression also add to the aging of the skin. Try and maintain a balanced lifestyle by balancing work with play and doing fun activities that you enjoy.