fly kingfisherWe headed up early in the morning to the airport for Mumbai – Jaipur – Agra flight. We would be flying domestic and majority will be locals there. I know we would be safe it was just that kind of strange feeling I had for the moment. Our flight was delayed which is a part of the chain of late flights, but it was a comfort to be finally in the airplane flying to Jaipur. In my mind i was looking at the map of India and considering how big it is, we would have some hours flying up north. In countries like this one, security is of concern so they don’t allow photography in some airports, but we mistakenly took one in Jaipur when we arrived there around 1pm. The next flight to Agra will not take off till 3:00pm but again the flight was delayed for an hour, and the ground staff told us that the delay was due to air traffic congestion, as if we didn’t know better. We wait for another thirty minutes extension to the delay. Though I shouldn’t be surprised, it is still different when I think about the saying that goes in my place “gi-Indian, mostly late, or worse yet, will not show up“, seems the saying is based on real life.

inside the aircraftIt was so much of a relief when the plane finally arrived. But what surprised us most was that hubby and I were the only passenger of that plane for the whole trip to Agra! It was hubby’s first time also to experience that; it was like we were on chartered plane, with people attending us. But in fairness, the service was great and they were very accommodating. Kingfisher airlines has just taken that route not long ago and for sure in the future they will have many passengers going there so they will not lose some in flying such a new and big plane with only one or two people.

le 20 d├ęcembre 2007