Everyday in our lives we experience stress. No matter how small or big it is what we call stress. It is easy to be stressed out when things do not happen as what we expect. When we are in stress there are many physical symptoms that happen. Just like headaches, nauseated, and many others.

Feel that pounding headache? Is that stress? Or is that the cumulative effect of stress? Is it just the proverbial straw on the camel’s back?

Stress is like thirst. By the time your body says, “Hey, I’m thirsty,” it means that your body is really dehydrated.

Your body puts up with the lack of water for the longest time, before it gets on the phone to your brain screaming: “Get me to the water, will ya?”

Stress is exactly the same. It builds one layer on top of the other. The headache is a sign that you need to stop now. Not tomorrow. Not next week.

You brain needs to get it’s drink of ‘relaxation’ right away.

Your dehydrated brain needs peace and quiet. Re-hydrate your brain today. Stop. Slow down. Take a sip of relaxation. Take two sips.

Feels better already, doesn’t it?