I arrived in Manila from the US late at night during my last vacation, but I decided to just stay in the airport since there are many people there also. I would not spend a penny for a hotel because I was so tired, I might miss my early morning flight. I was just so anxious to arrive home after all the longs hours of flying. Inside the airport, I saw a cat! One of the airport guards said that she is a resident there. That was so funny seeing her running around the corners, and also because I just lost my cat that time, Lady Gishi that I was supposed to bring along with me to the Philippines. Seeing that cat made me smile, I was really amused. Cats are really something, aren’t they?

Frontier trivia of the day:

In Minuteman Airfield in Stow, MA , circa 1978, there was “Airport Cat” called Barclay. What made him unique was that he loved to go flying when in the right “mood”. He would enter through the open pilots door and made himself at home atop the instrument panel. He flew many times giving pilots’ ‘company’. (