When I was a child I didn’t know how to play bingo and other card games or games of chance. No one in our family did. But my classmate in grade school taught us how to play it and about the game rules and mechanics. She was pretty exposed to playing games and she was very good on it, that it was amusing. Those were the good days but since moving away from the place we were not able to play bingo again.

But now I just found out that there is a high-tech twist on an old favorite, the Screenlife’s Disney Bingo in DVD available for purchase at Amazon.com and Drugstore.com! It is kind of magical, very entertaining with the Disney clips and on-screen caller, and perfect toy and game to play with our kids for old times’ memories and for their new ones as we are spending time with them with this DVD game. It is not just a game for fun, but it actually sharpens our kids skills in colors, numbers, attention and wits in an interesting way by using the Disney characters all children (and us adults) love. I would definitely teach my own children like this for them to be alert and sharp and having fun with us. It’s very affordable. In the end, we win, we benefit in the results!