If you adopt the right attitude as you sit down to eat, you’ll shed pounds easily. Oftentimes, eating has nothing to do with hunger. It’s emotions that can really drive you to overeat. That’s why putting yourself in the right frame of mind at mealtimes can counter a tendency to overindulgence. To do that, Ferguson recommends repeating the following affirmations before, during, and after each meal :

BEFORE YOU EAT- Consciously say or think, “ I’m not deprived, and I will not feed my stress, anxiety, or fatigue.” This will prepare you to eat a balanced, moderate-size meal.

WHILE YOU EAT – say to yourself, “ I enjoy food and I’m going to slow down and savor every morsel.” Take time to smell your food and feel its textures on your tongue; if you appreciate your food now, you’ll crave less food later.

AFTER YOU EAT – if you’re regularly eating well but yearn for seconds, remind yourself, “ I ate a “balanced meal. I don’t need more. “ repeat the first affirmation, and ask yourself if you’re eating to fill an emotional void.