Namashtè! I just want to share these photos we took a while back. You see this man, he did not look like a beggar to me, but after all, we were strangers to the place. But our tour guide said that he collected money for the elephants, his elephants, or for the sake of the elephants, whatever it was. It was fine, we really were going for an elephant ride just for experience, which in the end, I found it so much fun. That day he had an elephant with him on the road carrying a load on its back. It was just one of those elephants we always see on the roads. What I like about this picture are his clothes and the silverware he’s carrying, and also his bag. Somehow I felt satisfied being able to capture them.

Frontier trivia of the day:

In India there are a total of 3,400 domesticated elephants owned by different groups, and 23,900 – 32,900 total elephants in the wild (