We can save green when we go green. In communications, we can save energy, time and money by having a high-speed connectivity. Charter is one of the top cable operators in the US providing cable TV services and programming, telephone service, and also high speed internet. Compared to other providers, you can save more to Charter services especially this period because they have package and promo deals for subscribers. Recently we had problems with our Internet connection here, it has become so slow and we don’t get proper support. So we had to find our own way of getting out of the mess. Charter is a trusted provider with superb support, and that is all the matters when something goes wrong, if it does. Aside from getting high-speed Internet connection, loud and clear telephone service and high quality cable, the highlight that makes these all so great and super saving deal is that they have a car giveaway! It is not just a car, but a 4-cylinder engine that runs up to 45 highway-mpg. That is savings in gas and helping the environment at the same time. I think this is Charter communications’ way of rewarding their growing millions of customers. Visit the site and choose the service that fits your need, or simply register for a chance to win the hybrid car.