Do you let people know that you are in town? And if you do, how do you do it? Today a man in New York was arrested for misdeanor and ticketed for blowing his horn excessively. Of course he is DWI for which he is charged with. He just wanted to let people know that he is in town. Whatever, intoxication really makes one to do unimaginable and unreasonable things. Speaking of horn blowing. The very first thing I noticed while traveling in India right outside the airport was the excessive horn blowing! Horns honking here and there always, and by always it was almost every second. I was surprised at first, but of course, I was entering into a different place with a culture of its own. But when those horns stop blowing, one would definitely kind of miss it, for the roads are not complete without vehicles and rickshaws that don’t blow horns, loudly.