roasted pigRoasted pig, or lechon, is a staple food in the Philippines especially during celebrations, gatherings and big events. There are so many “lechonhouses” in the malls and almost in every streets that is it readily available if you don’t roast your own. To be most crunchy, crispy and yummy, it has to be slowly cooked over a fire for several hours to a day. The pig is completely cleaned and its internal organs are removed for another menus or whatever way one wants to cook them. Inside the pork for roasting are several spices and seasoning for greater taste, especially lemon grass that removes any pungent meat smell and makes it fragrant. The roasted pork/meat is very tender and the skin is very crispy the food is very delicious. It is best served with ketchup or any sauce.

I missed lechon so much, so it will just wait till I go home!