An FDIC insured investment is a secured investment. Have you ever found a worthwhile $25 investment? It seems hard to find considering the cost everything today because of the weakening economy, and considering its price, its very low, the return most probably would not be that good compared to higher investment. but actually we could and I found it out. We could not just blow $25 on movies for two and snacks but we can purchase a $25 Certificate of Deposits that will also be usefully utilized by the construction and real estate industries in Rebuilding of America through construction projects, loans, and jobs worth funding in the society. Can you imagine how much difference it will make with just $25 investment? It will strengthen America, and we all will benefit from its revitalization. We got nothing to lose here, but in fact gain so much, not just financially, but socially, thinking of country too. It has a good return and I am considering this investment for those purposes. Come join with us in this worthwhile investment that will surely make a big difference to our nation and our well being too. It is insured, and secured investment.