I am a traveler at heart and have always wanted to travel to different new places hence I have this small travel blog as memoir of my experiences which I am so glad and proud. I have a list of places I want to see with my own eyes and step on my own two feet, and one of them is New Zealand. Why New Zealand? Because I have read several books featuring the country whose beauty is inviting me to visit, and I have seen so many wonderful photos and videos from Larry the Travel Guy’s website enough to me make me want to experience the exotic beauty New Zealand offers in its paradise myself. Just now I discover that it can become a reality, to travel to New Zealand, and most of all, for free! A free trip to New Zealand paradise made possible by Air New Zealand and Larry the travel guy. They are giving away to round trip flight tickets from Los Angeles to Auckland, so we can be a full time travel blogger spending priceless experience in New Zealand with our loved one. I wish I would win this. Aside from winning the two round trip flights the winner will also be featured on Larry the Travel Guy.com.