My class is funny. There are just few of us this batch but I am so comfortable in it and it is funny. Or even if it is not comfortable for me, I would still like it for I learned so many important things. My classmates come from different places across Mindanao bring in together for this program. Most of us are Engineers; some were taking accounting courses in college. The skill is needed for the job for maximum productivity and efficiency, but honestly makes a very good modern skill to apply for a job abroad. And some are going out in few months. I was observing my classmate and in a class there are always slow or average learners or fast learner. I can’t afford to be behind so I do my own advance study, but even when I don’t study, I learned so many things from our teacher. I didn’t regret that I spend a good amount of what money I have for this. What I regretted about was that my college classmate borrowed my book in this program and hasn’t returned it until now. Well, my resources are limited so it was important for me. I just can’t give it up yet as for now. Back to my class, time flies fast we have just left six meetings now and I have gone far in the application. I thank the Lord for this valuable learning opportunity. We have occasional talk with my classmates before class, and I am glad that I don’t feel what some do that they’re waiting for the class to be over and finished each meeting. I am just glad I learned time is not enough.