This is life. There are things that are painful and beyond our control, things that are predestined to happen to us. The pain of separation is so intense this time and in this depressing period in my life. But I am glad we had spent some time with my sister before she sojourned abroad. If we could just keep our family intact and complete everyday, what a wonderful life it would be, but we have our individual dreams, struggles and opportunities and to live the life we choose to live. Only God knows what will happen to me, but I am hoping we will see each other again in one or two years time or whenever the Lord will bring this family together again. This time could have been the perfect time for us, but the pains and hurt I believe will make us grow, in bond and love. The tears that we shed will be rewarded with joy the time when we will be together again. Lord please take care of my sister. She is strong and faithful to you, guide her in every way in the foreign land. Comfort us and make us hope and look forward to that blessed time in the future. And for us who are still with our families, my sister is right. We might have wasted many times but we still have a chance to savor every moment with them.