hash museumThere are so many things to see and to know about the Netherlands, especially its capital, Amsterdam. It has several important historic places to visit and a must-see. I also wanted to to see the Anne Frank museum. On the streets of Amsterdam, amidst the coffeshoppes, stores and the night life houses and businesses famous there, there is also a museum that is as intriguing, the hash marihuana and hemp museum in Amsterdam.

The museum offers visitors extensive documentation and a wealth of historical facts on today’s use of the cannabis plant, as well as information on its medicinal, religious and cultural applications.

Attention is also given to the importance of cannabis to the environment, agriculture and industry. The museum shows that hemp has evolved to reclaim its place as one of Man’s most valuable raw materials.

We knew that taking this soft drug is legal in Netherlands. We also know that this plant can also be used as medicine and cure certain diseases and conditions by the appropriate manner of application. In some countries there are groups that do smokey religious ceremony with taking the cannabis. Different peoples and different countries have different cultural practices. There is beauty in diversity in knowing them and understanding the peoples. It is what we know or perceive that is wholesome and right that we practice and live by that really matters, for in the end, it is a personal thing, everything that we do to our bodies has equal and opposite reaction, good or bad, sooner or in our later years.