Hey guys how have you been doing? It has been a long time since. I have been back ‘early’ from my 4-month long vacation where a lot of memorable and important things happened, and some I missed. But I came back different because of the life changing experiences I had. Life indeed is very beautiful and full of excitement and inspiration I could only sigh. It feels so great to have wonderful people to spend our happy memories with; I will be forever grateful.

It was a Saturday and we had a plan but one member got sick so it was canceled so I ended up going to my aunt’s for her birthday party, which I was glad I had. They are living in a secluded and far place and we had to go to the terminal to meet up with other friends. While waiting for others, I was just sitting on one of the neat benches in Tagum public terminal absorbing the everyday scene as I knew I would miss it one day. There was a little girl who passed by me, I smiled to her, she smiled and went back her way and from what I saw in the distance, she was telling her playmates something about me. I was amused because I know why and what was it about. Secret.. I think it was cute, they came to me and well, I had my camera so I took their photo. What a joy they had when they saw their pictures. It was a beautiful day spent for a while with the hard-working funny little girls in the public market. I wish they will grow successful and happy in life, and you who is reading this.