roasted pigWith the sincerity of cooking it, slowly roasting it over fire for several hours, basting and supervising it until it is perfectly tender, succulent, moist and so crisp, made the Philippines’s Lechon or roasted pig the Best Pig in Asia (psstt, for me ‘best in the world’ too), according to the latest issue of Time Magazine, in its Best in Asia 2009’s Pork Art by Lara Day from the TV Chef Anthony Bourdain’s review. Pig roast is the Philippines most beloved dish staple lovingly presented on its own lechon tray during fiestas, thanksgivings, parties and any celebration. You can buy it anywhere, or have your pig ordered for roasting by a team of people roasting pigs for business for so exquisite a dish stuffed with lemongrass, tamarind, and select spices served with different gravy or sauce and or ketchup for dipping.