A friend showed me his picture drinking water with a wooden ladle in one of the tourist spots in Japan. There must be something special with the water for it to be “featured” in the place for anyone to drink using few ladles available. Silly me, I asked how did it taste like. I was kind of expecting the answer to be “sweet” or something, but he answered, “it tastes like water”. Of course it does taste like water! He had a sense of humor huh? But in Eureka Spring they have what has been called “Sweet Spring”. At least that was the early townspeople declared their spring water to taste like, having a pleasant and sweet taste. The spring was originally located in the deep ravine below the present site. To locate the spring in a more accessible location, workmen dug into the mountainside above the street, and constructed a stone lined, later limestone, circular enclosure around the spring. Sweet spring and the woods above and below were established to be a Spring Reservation, preserved for public use in perpetuity since 1886.