I remember the sign that says, “Pelican crossing”, but the other day what was crossing the highway was not a pelican nor a cow, but a turtle. I was delighted to see such adorable little creature creeping on the road, it was so cute to me, but at the same time, I was worried, you see, for sure we will not run him over, but others might. Of course we could never make a turtle transport itself faster by its own (it has been said that it was the turtle couple who last came in and went out of Noah’s ark), but I was so relieve while straining my spinal cord as I looked back at him making it across the other side of the road while there were no other vehicles coming. It was a success for him.

It was just one turtle, but can you imagine 78 turtles crawling onto the tarmac and eventually shut down an airport runway? Without considering the delays they innocently caused, the sightings must have been breathtaking, after all, it’s not everyday you see those kind of reptiles, 78 of them, make a crawling showdown.