Maybe because I didn’t have much such luxury when I was growing up, that now after I set aside ‘savings’ for emergency, I don’t mind treating nice people I go with, of course if I can afford it. My usual company is my mother-in-law. And I always pay for our meals when we eat out. Well, I readily offer when she would refuse because she’s got nothing in her purse. It is the thing that I cannot comprehend. I know full well that they have a good amount in savings, but they’re living with almost nothing, when it should be the time, due past time, for them to enjoy their hard labors in several past decades. They are in their eighties! I would be very happy to see them using some of their savings while they can still enjoy and appreciate it, whatever luxury it would give them, or whatever needs and wants it would meet. Well, sometimes we focus too much in the future, bleak or clear, and forget to give importance in the present time we are living. It is good to save for future use, but it should not steal us the importance of the present, how we live it, how we share it with our loved ones.