I learned the 3 R’s long before I was on my first grade school year. My sister, two years older than me, was our cousins and my teacher, as part of our childhood play. When I think of it now, wow, she was really talented and amazing, and I am grateful. Our formal schools also taught us back then traditional values, well, where we should also be taught those good things on our formative years, aside from the church. I guess we were just lucky we had strong and principled elders and teachers to guide us back then, who were not leaning on any political parties’ to mislead us or to change us into people we should not be growing into with very low moral standards. In physical setting, we were provided with materials and furniture including the heavy duty classroom desks. They have lighter and innovative designs too. These desks and tables are indispensable but more important are what we teach our children on those desks.