My flight to Florida is tomorrow and though I had a lot of time this week, I just packed my bags today, to maximize my excitement I guess. I know we will be going to some outlets and thrift stores, for short, shopping galore, so my luggage is purposely just half-full. I will be checking in just one bag, with all the fees for checked luggage and the tendency to be lost, though I have experienced it just once, but for comfort, it will be the only bag. Anyway, I will be staying in their house for just one week. I insisted to stay shorter but my hostess wanted it one whole week, her whole vacation time. And it is just as well because I would be able to join their Filipina group Christmas Party. Earlier I climbed up the attic to retrieve bags I would be using, and it was there that I decided to move down the Christmas tree as well. Never too late. I told my sister I’m not gonna have one this year but she’s right, we still, and always, have reason to celebrate especially of Jesus’ birth. So I accomplished two good things tonight. And I am so excited to go.