It’s a fact in life that somehow, somewhere and sometimes we sojourn to a strange land to explore and to fulfill our dreams, for our families, and ourselves. I am so glad my sister has made it with all the requirements, but as always during departures, I feel sad. I know my family back home feel more deeper that they are the one left behind. She is traveling now, where it will be easy to go back. Now we sisters are scattered in four continents. We agreed that next year everyone of us will go home for our family reunion, God willing. I just pray for safety and His protection during the full year we still have to face. We just have to strengthen ourselves and our trust in God, to cast our burdens and cares to Him. The reward for a lot of sad tears is great, we will have been apart for two years then, and there are four additions to our family, two in-laws and two nieces, at least we are sure the first angel is a girl. It will never be the same again, but He makes all things to grow for the better.