Today I had a nice chat with my youngest brother. Thanks so much for technology that allows us to get in touch with our families and loved ones who are in other parts of the world. I’m thankful my family is doing well in the Philippines. My youngest brother is adjusting to his new environment, living in a big city with my cousin and her family, so he will be ‘safe’ while studying or schooling there. He wants to be a pilot, always had wanted to be one since the time he knows what he wants to be when he grows up, he was so young and cute then and his mind never changed. We are so proud of him. We trust he will be fine and do well, but part of me is still ‘worried’ for him, (how much more my mom feels?!), after all, he is our baby brother. But I believe all these things will make him into a fine young man, matured and smart, as he is. He has just uploaded their pictures at school, with all the airplanes big and small, I really enjoyed it and happy for him to have his dream to be realized. We still have a long way though as it is costly and we all will help him, family as we are.