This guest post from Werner Rogers

Bridezilla is the only word I know to use to describe my fiancé. In real life she’s a wonderful, sweet woman, but lately she’s become consumed with planning the perfect wedding and it’s totally changed her personality. I just hope it’s temporary! I never imagined that the color of cocktail napkins would keep us awake at night or that we’d have more than three conversations about a shade of peach, but here I am, six months into this engagement and just hoping the wedding would hurry up and get here!

Last month, Clear Internet Denver specials were really good so I signed us up for a home connection and have been using it to plan the honeymoon. I’m going to take my wife and I to Bora Bora for some much needed relaxation and time together. Hopefully once she spends a day on the beach she’ll be back to her old self and I won’t be worried that I’m marrying a mad woman! I know she’s just as ready as I am to be done with all this planning!