Nurses every now and then are very in demand abroad. After I passed the Nurse Board exam and got my license on hand I immediately applied for the Nurse training program in one and the biggest Regional hospital in my place. This Hospital was also our based hospital for duty and exposure during my intern days. Before when were still students, we are required to wear the prescribed uniform, not allowed to wear jewelries while on duties, the hair must be ponytailed. But now that we are registered nurses we have already the freedom to wear any style of uniforms as long as it is intended for nurses.

While searching for a best online store I landed in and knew that they also offer variety of hospital uniforms both for male and female nurses. This is where my other colleague got their very nice and trendy scrubs.

But the most highlights of our training is that we can be able to learn the most essence of being a nurse, what’s really the functions of a nurse in the hospital, provide and give quality care to our patient being a patient’s advocate. Through this experience molded us to be globally competitive nurses.