I have noticed that the numbers of burglary are increasing day by day. I remember, we were been a victim of theft. We lost our brother’s bicycle, some clothes, motorcycle battery and other stuff in just one night. How fast and great thief were they, we didn’t even notice them. Through LocalTV-Satellite news I came to know what’s happening in my environment. Hold up here & there, robbery, snatching rape, murder and so much more that sometimes lead to finish one’s life. All I can say is that there is no really safe place anywhere in this world.

My father since that stealing incident happened to our house; he started to put home security arkadelphia. It is so very helpful. Aside of we can sleep in peace already, stealing did not happen again in our house anymore. I understand why some people are doing this because of poverty.  Due to corrupt government poor people are becoming poorer and in order for them to survive the quickest and best way they know is to steal. If the government will just take care of this issue then I believe this incident will be less. Whatever, we just have to be extra careful and simply observant with our surroundings.