The weather these days were not good and typhoon Chedang was on her way to Philippines but still me, my two sisters and niece went to Cebu City for my interview and in the same time to have fun and make some bonding with each other. It’s was our first time to visit the place. It took us 40 minutes by plane before we reached Cebu City. The very first day we came after checking-in in a certain hotel in Cebu City, we went out to visit Taoist Temple on top of the mountain and the very next day I prepared myself for my interview and after we visited Basilica del Santo Nino-the oldest church in Cebu. It was short and tiring but enjoyable trip. We did enjoy it. We found Cebu City a very nice and beautiful place. And thanks God, I passed the interview and typhoon Chedang turned her way to other country. We went home very safe and successful. God was and is always at control and took care of everything.