Me, my mom and sister love to watch the drama series on television every night so called Amaya. It is an educational epic drama series which shows our culture, talks about the ancient tribes. It reflects the lives and feelings of the time almost forgotten history, it once again raises and reminds our spirit. This is a story of a woman-Amaya who urges to change the life she grew with. Amaya was born as a princess but she was not a typical princess, because he was born with twin snake. A secret hidden by his father to have drawn her out of danger. Her father killed by an enemy and made Amaya their slave. Because of she’s affiliate having dual-snake it has been appointed by her destiny as savior of their towns against the cruel and powerful enemy. Every night the story is becoming so thrill & suspense. Just one thing I hate most in watching it is that there are more advertisements than the drama being played.  Obviously, the drama series has many followers and is earning much on the advertisements. And of course the Advertising Agency as well has earned for this drama series.  I understand this is how the advertising agencies got a business.

The drama series started not quiet long and sad to say that I won’t be able to finish it for I am leaving soon from my home country to work abroad. But still I will keep track on this drama series through internet. The story is so nice and is worth watching.