Almost everytime we asked a positive answers to all of our prayers. But this time we were praying for negative. Me, my sister and my 11 months old niece went to the clinic to get the medical result of my niece and very sad to know for what we were praying for a negative result the answer is positive. Oh poor niece, she is only a baby. She is too young to get sick. This month is not a good month for our family. We encountered many circumstances and bad situations. We know life is not always at good times. Sometimes, God is giving us trials to strengthen our faith, to make us better and strong. God doesn’t’ give trials we can’t overcome so it means in every problem there is always a solution. The doctor prescribed a medication for my niece. We are praying and hoping that God would bless the medicine she is going to take and that He would heal her very soon. Hear our prayers oh Lord.